Here goes nothing…


I was having one of those moments or days if you will where you question what your doing with your life. We all have them knowing full well we have the control but seemingly just can’t seem to grasp that balance we all crave.

Being someone who follows a few blog’s, watches documentaries (inspired today by TED talks) mapping out how people found this balance I thought maybe, just maybe blogging about myself, my interests and goals might help me find the balance I am constantly battling  while maybe inspiring others.

In my life I struggle with a constant hunger, A hunger for information, for entertainment, for health, for creative challenges and a hunger to travel and not to mention a hunger for food. I’m in constant battle with Ulcerative colitis, in a career Limbo and have a travel itch that will never leave me. My interests are varied and vast giving me limited time to embrace them all but I like to try anyway.

With Reboot. Rebuild. Resolution I’m hoping to share the challenges I apply myself Reboot my Health, Rebuild my life and  be Resolute about it. Ironically we are the edge of the New Year and I’m usually not one for resolutions but I think this year will be the year that I turn my life around completely and become the person I know I can be and more.

So here goes nothing…


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