Reboot: Fat, Sick and Nearly dead


I recently watched an inspiring Movie Fat, Sick & Nearly dead by a man named Joe Cross who went on a journey to heal himself from a debilitating Auto-immune disease that caused him to break out in a hive like rash (I recently had hives and its terrible). Like me the doctors put him on a strong steroid called Prednisone which is not healthy long term if at all hence why I boycotted them early on. Conventional Medicine fails to provide and long term healthy treatment for Auto immune diseases like mine and Joes where doctors fail to acknowledge just how huge a role a diet plays in severity of these diseases.

The film follows Joe Cross on a mission to rid himself of harmful steroids and disease by challenging himself with a 60 day Juice fast while venturing across the States sharing his story and showing us how people think when it comes to food and their health. It then takes us on an emotional journey with a trucker Phil Staples whom Joe met on the road who also had this same disease, eventually Phil asks for Joes help to get his health back on track.

Both stories of achievement are inspiring, they now continue to inspire others to start a juice fast followed by micro foods diet and exercise to Reboot their overall health.

I myself was inspired by this even though I’ve been aware of the benefits of these type of diets for a long time. Watching this movie with a different kind of Auto immune disease it caused me to go straight to the shops and buy up fresh fruit and veg and put my juicer to good use.Not being over weight I’ve opted for the 10 day juice fast,  man am I struggling already and all I would really like is to eat some plain rice.

Lucky I love fresh juice of all kinds and have been coming up with some lovely combinations of which I will have to do a post sharing some of them. I highly recommend watching Fat, Sick and nearly dead I promise if your in a health struggle of your own Joe and Phil will inspire you to Reboot your health as well!

Check out Reboot with Joe for guided juice fasting plans and information.


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