Reboot: 10 Day Juice Fast

As I mentioned in my previous Blog I am doing the 10 day Juice fast inspired by Joe Cross’s film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I’m currently on Day Two consuming three large fresh juices a day drinking coconut water, apple cider vinegar water and herbal teas in between.

Even though I had the typical binge over Christmas I think because I’ve been on quite a restricted diet leading up to that I’m not having as huge a reaction that others tend to have. I actually feel better, not so heavy and uncomfortable, I felt terrible after Christmas like I put on 2kg instantly feeling bloated and puffy.

Symptoms before Fast:

– Breakouts on chin and forehead- Bloating
– Abdominal and Stomach Pain
– Blood and Mucous in stool

– Rapid weight fluctuation – Hives once
– Eczema
– Nausea and Dizziness
– Lack of Focus from Fatigue
– Constipation
– Disturbed Sleep

So far the bloating is gone and I feel like I actually have quite a lot of energy considering I’m not eating huge amounts of protein or carbohydrates. Its seems that the evenings are the hardest and found myself really craving just a bit of plain rice at least and when you live in share house and have people cooking amazing food around you it does not help at all!

Tonight will be a huge challenge being New Year and I’m working on a boat serving amazing food and not picking at this food will be a major accomplishment for me. Packing myself a couple juices and maybe some hemp Protein to keep me going we’ll see if I make it through, if I don’t I’ll just pick back up tomorrow.

Happy New Year Everyone, Bring on 2014!


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