Reboot: Get Enough Sleep!

Reboot: Get Enough Sleep!

I know majority of people still make sleep a last priority like we all say “I know I should eat the salad but pizza is so tasty” we say “I know I should get at least 8 hours sleep but I could achieve so much more if I just stay up a little longer”… I dunno about you but I often find myself fucking around on my laptop or phone right before sleep leaving my mind way to active before closing my eyes for slumber. This is another part of my lifestyle I’m aiming to change as I know I am severely affected by lack of sleep causing me to:

  • Lose concentration 
  • Blood shot eyes
  • Make bad food choices for quick energy
  • Bags under my eyes 
  • Negative attitude and laziness
  • Lack of productivity and patience
  • Bad skin

This is a great article “Are you making mistakes with your sleep” from Nerd Fitness going through the ins and outs of sleep from negative effects from lack of it and the many benefits of a good sleep and steps to take toward achieving that good sleep, for example…

Take the time to read this article its full of great information, tips and links to help understand sleep and how to get more of it plus its easy to read.

Steps I’m starting to instill for myself, keeping in mind I’m an early morning person:

  1. Turn of laptop and put phone away at 9-9:30pm
  2. Meditate for 15 mins
  3. A quick journal entry following Good Think steps
  4. Read a book for a bit or if you have a partner Sex
  5. Go to sleep 10-10:30pm and let my body clock wake me.
  6. Have a power nap in the afternoon when possible

Heres to a lifetime of good sleep and optimum health one step at a time!

Much Love, Lys






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