Reboot!… take one million

579349_10150693615936314_739679748_nDear O Dear, I started this blog with great intentions like many things in my life but I’ve sure fell of the radar the past month or so.
I thought of my posts everyday and often would be plagued with new ideas for posts and even took photos of food and what not. Problem is since my last post I had not been practicing what I’ve preached so far, so that bought on an inability to write new posts. If I could not manage to be living the life that would help me heal let alone help you on the same path my posts would be useless and full of false claims, as they say live by example…

Anyhoo after weeks of frustration at my incapabilities and increased pain from disease I’ve slowly been taking new steps toward a disease free, happier me and maybe just maybe this blog will share the benefits and lessons learned from new achivements.


I Enrolled to Study a Bachalor of Science in Nutrional Medicine (may change to Natropathy) at Endeavour College of Natural Health, I feel this is the best way to support my interest in nutrition and my own health!

My current plan of attack is to start practicing the GAPS (Gut and Psycology Syndrome) Diet by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. After many years knowing diet was key I’ve looked into many diets that have some claim to be the answer to natural healing of my Ulcerative Colitis. I read about so many that all have merit that I became confused by which was best for me I decided now I’m semi settled its time I get some outside help and direction which is when I came across this diet that is kind of like the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) and Paleo rolled into one. I found a practitioner here in Sydney Bronwyn Sach whom will be guiding me through the process, I’ve always found guidance has helped me if someone else is involved I’m less likely to deviate and give up like I have up until now.

I’m on my fourth day of the Introductory Diet which I have had a few slips the last couple days. Its not easy and I’m not noticing much change in symptoms just yet. Basically I’m functioning on homemade bone broth soups, fresh ginger lemon in tea and I’ve had the diet modified so I can include one Spectrum juice a day (thank god some variety). I’ve definately noticed fatigue which is supposedly the die of bad bacteria where the main aim of this diet is to rebalance the internal gut flora which can take up to 2 years. For someone whos been primarily vegetarian for the last few years its not easy consuming the meat fats but I’m told this should change.

To support my new treatment plan I’ve started practicing the following:

  • Dry brushing morning and night which is great for helping the Lympahic System Detox.
  •  At least 15 mins of meditation morning or night or both to calm the mind helping me with my daily mental challenges.
  •  Bentonite Clay (between meals) which also helps with detoxification namely removing any metal build up in the body.
  •  Drink Filtered Water
  • Salt flush every few days particularily in the beginning helps remove the build up in the bowel.

So that basically sums up my current plan of attack, let me know if any of you have tried GAPS  and how its helped you? Hopefully posts will now become a regular occurance I’ll share my Soup recipes along with sustainable food options and I’ve got a few great little documentries to report on! The further I get along this journey the better my posts will get!

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Reboot!… take one million

    • Thanks for that, great article. Im really struggling with the intro diet, I think I need to alter it a lil more for myself to stop me snowballing like I just did and always do!…

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